24 September 2009

Emancipation Of My Dream..

Pic. Courtesy: Internet

These brushstrokes on the canvas..
makes a dream...makes a face
a face I knew long time ago..
Its gone now...and its my disgrace.
Maybe she is gone...
maybe she is gone too far..
Now...she wont sacrifice for me..
The dream left behind a scar..

Never lost her face from my canvas
Maybe they had turn grey and old..
Its still the face I owe...
A face for which my soul was sold..

But...now its time to let it go.
Shut my eyes..and kill my scream...
I let it go...I let you go...
The emancipation Of my dream.

The Homeward Journey..

Pic. Courtesy: Internet

Here I go...
With hopes to see you again...
for my homeward journey.
withered and in pain.

Fortunes turned upside down..
Resurrecting another past...
Gaurdian of my selfrighteousness..
My homeward journey till the last ...

Truth was a lie...
A castle of Sand before the tide.
sabotaging your trust in me..
There is no place for me to hide.

Tomorrow...I'll be gone
for a peaceful sleep...
You can live and...
keep my forsaken memories...buried deep.