28 March 2010

Hotath ekdin...(suddenly oneday)...

as usual .....click the image and you'll get to see it properly.!!!!

26 March 2010

Sanity Of the Ailing

Pic. Courtesy: Internet

One crystal drops from the eyes..
one last flower droops and dies...
one more truth and lots of lies..
"You're ain't lost..say Goodbye..!!!"

I beg to differ, as fate kneels down..
I look at life, no smiles..all frown..
I try to laugh..i look like clown...
"You ain't lost...just go and drown!!!"

Shattered glasses cut me deep..
Shattered dreams steals my sleep...
Shattered hopes..makes me creep...
"You ain't lost....in this heap!!!!"...

20 March 2010

The Delerium Of Loop

Another of my favourite dark poem in the shell of nonsense!!!!

Please click on the picture, i made the poem in a pic format!!!!