29 December 2012

Our torn humanity..

With the last breath she told us..
"You were wrong...you were all wrong"..

Like a pack of hyenas we pounced on her...
tore her into pieces...
our ugly long nails dug into her flesh..
till her blood covered us...
and we rejoiced in joy.
Our blood strewn faces gleamed..
and we promised..we'd do this again..
.till he bathe in the pools of blood
of our mothers..sisters..and daughters...
and then..after devouring the ones
whom we were suppose to care and protect
we slither back to our holes like spineless serpents.
We said..."You're safe here..."
We said..."We'll keep you safe"...but with silent whispers we also said..
"You'll die...in MY wrath..in MY hunger..
in MY twisted humanity."

Will we ever know..what we've done..??
The hounds...the mob...the MEN..
now that she's gone...
our humanity..our sanity..
in our cornucopia of miseries...
we shall reek of death...always...RIP.

(We are sorry we couldnt protect you..save you..or even avenge your Death)

20 December 2012

Who Manity

(Pic Courtsey: Internet)

And the clock ticks away
Patient waiting wanes…
And the bloody show smiles and claps for a finale.
And the clock ticks away
Each moment … of a pain so severe...
That even death gasps in horror.
And the clock ticks away
Humanity claws at innocence ripping it apart.
And the clock ticks away
More cries of… “Mother…I want to live”… fills the air.
And the clock ticks away
More MEN speaks of justice and peace…
And the clock ticks away
Those bastard sons of manliness soars high.
And the clock ticks away
We do nothing…
the clock ticks away
she stretches her hand…she wants to live…
clock ticks away..
humanity shame on you…shame on us.
ticks away...