04 April 2010

Absent Youth

Pic. Courtesy: Internet

"Influenced by "Working Class Hero-Lennon" and "Another Brick in the wall-Pink Floyd"

No matter what you do..
You’ll still be a slave...
They’ll wound you everywhere..
And they’ll teach you to behave.

21 years of life..
Seems gone down the drain...
If you raise your voice against..
They’ll wash down your brain.

The pictures we’ve drawn...
We wanted to paint them bright...
They made us erase everything,
And made it black and white.

They stole our imagination..
And filled our head with trash.
And if we want to break free,
They’ll make our spirits crash.

They try to control us all,
Like puppets in their hand.
They’ll make us laugh and cry,
Might as well, throw us in quicksand.

Its not ‘our’ life..that we live,
Its a schedule, made by them..
And if we don’t follow it proper...
We are the evil ones to be blamed.

And after I’ve written this...
Mr. A is not so kind.
He always write stupid things,
He’s the one .. “Out of mind”!!!!

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