19 August 2011

From a torn note....

Pic Courtsey: Internet

As i walked passed the dark alley
I felt the cold tug of the shadows..
The screaming sirens of the city,
of the firebrigades..of ambulance...and us.
The shouts of laughter and pain.
The cornucopia of forgotten miseries..
and I walked on.

As i stand on the terrace..at the edge..
Swaying in the winds..I see a lie..
a lie..that we bear everyday..
a lie that paints us black..
with a stigma of ego and pessimism.
And i feel, the wind's mercy..and its push.

And the last thing, I remember..
are the cries of the city below me..
The hungry mob...tearing each other down..
Flesh by flesh...blood by blood.

And everything else is just one bad dream...

3 whispers that i heard....:

Saru Singhal said...

Awesome expression...

KP said...

Very nice!

sowmya said...

i can feel the pain in the poem very nice expression