08 May 2012


I once broke my hand...and I remember,
you drew a lot many things on my plastered hand...
all gibberish and meaningless...
but you were there.

On my 14th Birthday..you gifted me
the first sunshine of the day in a chocolate box...
The chocolate box is still there...but i guess..
My sunshine's gone...

Its been long since i last went to that park in salt lake..
Below the halogen light..we sat at two ends of a bench..
and i heard you say...
"No matter how right you are..I'm still mad at you !"
That moment i promised you...I'd right poems for  you...
and you said.."Joto adikhkheta!! "

On your last Christmas..I showed you a star..
and said.."Thats the brightest Star...Sirius.."..
You believed me..and used to see it everyday.
and say.."whenever i'll see the stars..i'll wonder if you are looking at them too.."
Few days before you left. ..you pulled me close..
and with a trembling smile on your lips..you said..
"Asshole...thats Venus ...a hot shitty planet..
whatever...i bet it'll remind you of me..!!!!

It sure does..and of late i see venus a bit too much..
and wonder...if you are watching it too..

1 whispers that i heard....:

Trisha.. said...

Venus, the Goddess of Love. :)