27 June 2011

The Moment I was in heaven.

Pic. Courtesy: Internet
While I was in Kaza, Spiti Valley, HP...i really found heaven..and since then...i believe...if there is heaven on earth...try out interior Himachal on a full moon night..

I stood in the balcony,
with a glass of poison..
"On the rocks".

Its full moon today...
and it looked like a fairy...
waving her wand,
and showering eternity on earth.

Dead Silence..in the middle of the night...
the heaven seems to have lit up
by some borrowed eternal bliss..
The peak of Chocling La
stood there with grandeur
and a bluish glow on her.
...and we mortals...
Plunged in darkness before her.

The calm silent blueness
lingered in my fingers..in my glass...
from ice to ice...
from drop to drop...
scattering some more divinity
all around.

And I stood there,
with heaven infront...
and a divine peace.

This Photograph of the author was taken near Kaza. As far as i remember it was Kunzum Pass (4551m) and hell windy but it was an amazing trek.

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Shashank Modi said...

Wow !..I wanna be thr !