02 July 2011


Picture Courtesy : Internet

Sometimes I feel
I'm disintegrating..
parts of me flying away
like dandelions..
they carry me to distant places.

Sometimes..I smile..
to myself and to the passerby,
who smiles back at me.
I laugh..at the clock,
who ticks so patiently..
for hours...days and nights.

Sometimes I look at the sky
and I see the bright red sun..
and then it comes down on the forehead.
of the young girl who lived
near my house.

Sometimes I walk on a dark road..
and I feel the shadows taking shape..
and walking beside me,
"Hullo there...Long time..
how've you been ???"
and I smile and walk.

Sometimes the halogens becomes faces..
and they call me..
"No, my dear friend...
I've a long way to go..
maybe some other day I'll join you."

Sometimes I get tired..
and I want to rest myself for a while..

Sometimes I feel like god..I create..
but I fail to put life in them...

Sometimes...I write my heart out..
and my poems have a meaning.

1 whispers that i heard....:

the silent observer said...

lovely..like the careless whispers of the wind...the murmurs of the dry leaves.... the whistle of the chimney....